How many dress shirts does a man need? part 1

Big And Tall Dress Shirts: Get The Right Proportion

How many dress shirts does a man need? part 1

Dress shirts should be the backbone of your wardrobe:

I hardly ever wear undershirts and so it is always something that protects my jackets and my outer garments from my body fluids. With the exception of going to the gym or maybe mowing the lawn, I usually wear dress shirts or maybe a polo shirt when it is really hot and I am in a very casual setting. So for me, a dress shirt is truly an everyday piece of my attire.

Dress shirts come in endless variations:

Yes, you may have one white shirt but then there are different weaves, weights, patterns, collar shapes, cuff shapes, fits, and so it is not difficult for me to always come up with a new shirt that is different than any other that I have had so far.

Dress shirts provide personality:

I actively try to incorporate different colors into my overall outfits. So rather than going with that white shirt, I maybe go with an off-white or a light pale yellow.

Dress shirts are an investment, number 1:

I still have shirts in my wardrobe that are more than ten years old and I still have them in my rotation. Of course, the more shirts you have, the fewer you wear the individual ones, the longer they will overall last.  The oldest shirts I have in my wardrobe today I bought used from a gentleman who was a realtor and about to retire, he had my height and he had all of his shirts made in Milano and it is a bespoke shirt maker that is very expensive. Shirts usually go for around five to six hundred euros and he was just handing them to me at bargain prices and they all had very cool fabrics, very unusual styles.