Business casual shoes guide part 5

Moccasin shoes and driving Mocs guide

Business casual shoes guide part 5

Do not invest in shoes that fuse modern and traditional style:

Matching together formal and informal elements will mean it is a very trendy shoe and it may be great at the moment but it is just a fashion and a fad and it will disappear in just a few years of time. So even if you have the highest quality leather shoe with a blue sole, chances are you will be tired of it in a year from now. Instead, buy classically styled shoes and try to find something that works with your style. For example, you can go with medium brown penny loafers or you could go with cordovan tassel loafers. Alternatively, if you want even more casual, you can have suede green tassel loafers which are very casual yet still classically rooted. Because it is business casual, broguing or hole perforations or decorations are always welcome and an element you should incorporate if you want to tone things down and make them easier to look at and less formal.

Know when to step up your shoe game:

For example, think of important meetings with the board, maybe with their most important client, or the CEO who is known to be a clothes horse. In those situations, you definitely want to take it up a notch and put your best foot forward. During work-related events, conferences or symposia where you represent your company or maybe during a media interview, it really pays to have nice leather dress shoes in a darker color because they will not stand out and people will not just focus on your shoes but rather on what you say and the point you want to bring across. Likewise, if you are interviewing for a position, it always pays to put on the proper interview attire.