Business casual shoes guide part 4

Moccasin shoes and driving Mocs guide

Business casual shoes guide part 4

Dress shoe trends, number 3:

If it rains heavily you can buy leather boots with rubber soles because they are usually a little more casual and if it is raining a lot, having a lace-up boot that is above the ankle always comes in handy to protect feet from getting wet and cold.

Dress shoe trends, number 4: choose spectators

Apart from the shoes mentioned, you can also experiment with spectators in this segment which again are quite loud and traditionally, you have black and white ones which I think is not such a good combination because it is black, quite formal, white makes it informal. Instead, a brown and maybe off-white spectator or a navy with a gray spectator is really great. You could think about saddle shoes or just more unusual shoes. In general, though, I always suggest you stay clear of square-toed shoes, rubber soles or any kind of metalwork or reflective letters such as silver or gold because they are not really part of a gentleman’s wardrobe.

Business casual shoes, start-up environments:

Frankly, the sky’s the limit and it can be anything from flip-flops over vans to very extraordinary Gucci loafers. Most startups will not even have a dress code and so it is all about what you are comfortable with and about their culture and how you fit in. Now, just because you can wear anything does not mean everything has the same level of benefits for you. That being said, a nice pair of leather shoes or boots will always make you look more dapper and more grown-up than wearing some colorful sneakers or tennis shoes. In terms of colors or leather textures, really anything under the sun goes here. Even flip-flops are acceptable but personally, I would simply not wear that.