Business casual shoes guide part 3

This is a preppy style guide

Business casual shoes guide part 3

Business casual shoes, you can go for green ones:

Alternatively, a nice olive green with a beautiful patina on an elegant long last is really something that will provide a lot of contrast with the pants and slacks you are wearing therefore, it will stand out in a way but it is still subtle enough that it could be mistaken for a dark brown shoe at first glance.

Dress shoe trends, number 1:

In recent years, dress shoe uppers with white rubber or sneaker soles have become extremely popular. Personally, I do not wear those because I either want to go casual and wear boat shoes or some sneakers or I wear leather dress shoes with a leather sole, but you can wear them if you want. That being said, if you really dig the white rubber soles on a shoe, simply go for it, it is something that you can wear, you can pull it off, it is definitely more of a statement and I have even seen like red soles, yellow soles, or blue soles, so assume that people will judge you, they will make assumptions about you, and if you are okay with that and you can wear it confidently, go for it. Of course, if you are into classic men’s clothing and a traditionalist, this is not an option for you and in that case stay with nicely polished leather shoes.

Dress shoe trends, number 2:

What about regular rubber soles? While they are acceptable and no one will ever call you out for it, personally, I much rather prefer leather soles. The sound they make, the way they roll on the foot, the way they feel, all of these are attributes I appreciate about the leather sole and I would not switch to a rubber sole.