A preppy style guide part 9

This is a preppy style guide

A preppy style guide part 9

Preppy style, what to wear, number 19:

Just like wax jackets, quilted jackets are a popular staple in a prep’s outerwear collection. Although Rugby is quintessentially British, many preps like to wear rugby shirts probably because the aesthetic of bold colorful stripes and a white collar is very much in line with other preppy clothing items.

Preppy style, what to wear, number 20:

Seersucker is another iconic fabric used in prep style. As a thin, cotton fabric that is usually striped or checkered, it is predominantly used to make summer clothing such as suits, shorts, pants and other men’s and women’s clothing. Originating from India, the word seersucker literally translates to “rice pudding and sugar” which is pretty well what it resembles. Because of the way it is woven, the threads often bunch together which gives it a wrinkled appearance. It is because of this bunching that the fabric sits away from the skin when it is worn which helps to keep the body cool since it enhances circulation and dissipation of the heat. In other words, it is fantastic to wear in the hot summer months, especially if you need to wear suits at work.

Preppy style, what to wear, number 21:

White buckskin shoes aka white bucks are a popular preppy companion to seersucker pants or cocktail parties, horse races or anything else related to summer. Paired with linen, chinos or seersucker they provide the wearer with a debonair, seasonally appropriate look. Buckskin leather is technically from the male deer but today often cowhide is used instead because it is less expensive and more widely available. In the U.S. most buckskin shoes show the backside of the leather, which has a texture similar to suede, but I think the front side of buckskin leather is very nice as well. Many white bucks come with a lightweight, red rubber sole although I prefer the classic leather sole Goodyear construction.