A preppy style guide part 8

This is a preppy style guide

A preppy style guide part 8

Preppy style, what to wear, number 15:

Corn dogs are to carnivals what Nantucket Reds are to prep culture. The red pants, shorts, shirts, hats, and various other articles were originally distributed by Murray’s Toggery Shop in Nantucket and are “guaranteed to fade” to an almost rosy pink. They are traditionally pants, but today consist of an entire selection of clothing and accessories that are incredibly popular to the point of being legendary in Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod and their birthplace of Nantucket.

Preppy style, what to wear, number 16:

A classic navy blazer is perhaps the most iconic piece of menswear worn and designed to be worn by preps. Although available in a variety of styles, the standard is a navy single-breasted jacket with notched lapels and three brass buttons, often with an icon or logo that is nautical in nature or represents the brand. Of course, many companies make these blazers.

Preppy style, what to wear, number 17:

Button-down collars were initially introduced by Brooks Brothers in 1896 and have remained popular as a way of dressing down the dress shirt. Using buttons that fasten down the collar points on the front of the shirt, they were almost exclusively worn as sports shirts until the mid-1950s. Still considered a sports shirt in most circles, or as a way to give casual flair to elegant attire, these shirts are extremely popular in preppy culture and are often paired with the iconic navy blazer and a repp tie.

Preppy style, what to wear, number 18:

Polo shirts, which are often referred to as a golf or tennis shirt, are a well-known staple in prep style. A casual and soft shirt with a collar, a placket, and usually two or three buttons, it can often feature a breast pocket as well. Made from knitted piqué cotton, it can also be found in silk, merino wool, or various synthetic materials. These shirts are often worn with a pair of shorts or trousers but can also be paired with a blazer or sports jacket.