A preppy style guide part 6

This is a preppy style guide

A preppy style guide part 6

Preppy style, what to wear, number 7:

Cable knit sweaters are classic and will never go out of style. No matter whether they are made of cotton, wool or cashmere, with sleeves or without, they are a staple of a preppy wardrobe. If you wear bow ties, a crew neck is a way to go, while ties look great with V-neck sweaters. For a soft, casual outfit, look for a melange two-tone yarn which lends the sweater a mottled, gentle look. Of course, just like with any other sweater quality is paramount.

Preppy style, what to wear, number 8:

Tennis or Cricket sweaters are a must-have in a preppy wardrobe.

Preppy style, what to wear, number 9:

Chinos are trousers made from chino which is a twill fabric, originally made of 100% cotton. While they can be found in synthetic blends now, the best are still made of cotton. Brooks Brothers offer a superior selection of them as do many other fine clothiers. Today, they come in many colors, but the most common is khaki which is still very popular in coastal culture.

Preppy style, what to wear, number 10:

Madras is also a cotton fabric that is generally very lightweight and features a textured plaid design. Aside from pants, you can also find many shorts and even men’s jackets made of it. The Madras pattern is available in regular cotton, seersucker as well as patchwork madras which consists of cutting the madras fabric into strips and then sewing them back together to form a mixture of patterns that criss-cross. This is very popular in the prep culture and something widely used.

Preppy style, what to wear, number 11:

Some people love GTH pants, others hate them, and there is little in between. These are bright pants with sometimes bold embroideries on them of sailboats, anchors, lobsters, crabs, frogs and a variety of other icons.