A preppy style guide part 5

This is a preppy style guide

A preppy style guide part 5

Preppy style, what to wear, number 5:

Colorful belts with motifs and stripes are an integral part of a preppy wardrobe. Often combined with brown leather and a brass buckle, these more or less flexible cloth belts are combined with chinos, Madras or seersucker pants to create a bold look. D-ring belts have been around since the mid-1960s when introduced by J.Press. They provide a casual and fun flair to a normally conservative look. Some say that in order to wear them you either need a sense of humor or a small budget since many D-ring belts are reversible offering two-in-one belts. Traditionally called a “Ribbon Belt,” the newly-coined term “D-ring” is believed to have been made up by Vineyard Vines. In the sixties, during the height of hippies, privileged and traditionally conservative East Coast preps used the colored ribbon belts as a way to add some more personality to their dress. There is nothing exclusive or luxurious about ribbon belts. They are just a lot of fun with various patterns. From the iconic three-stripe belts and the five-stripe versions from Ralph Lauren to ones with embroidered lobsters and sailboats lining them, the belts, although traditionally made of polyester, rayon and nylon, now come in a variety of fabric and materials from sailing cloth to fine cordovan leathers.

Preppy style, what to wear, number 6:

Like many staples in prep style, you either love boat shoes or hate them. Personally, I love them. While many credit Sperry Topsider with the initial introduction and most people consider them the quintessential boat shoe, there are many companies today that make them. Boat shoes are pretty much exactly what they sound like. They were created as a non-slip shoe for sailing and are generally are made of leather and sometimes suede or other materials. They are worn exclusively without socks and as a casual shoe that is tied using leather boat shoelaces.