A preppy style guide part 4

This is a preppy style guide

A preppy style guide part 4

Preppy style, what to wear, number 1:

There are many items we enjoy as a whole. Often some of the best items are handed down, and many are found in little antique shops and thrift stores.

Preppy style, what to wear, number 2:

Anchor bracelets are exactly what they sound like. Bracelets made of a variety of fabric and materials, usually rope, leathers or sailcloth and fastened with a small metal or plastic anchor that operates similarly to a hook. This jewelry is very popular in prep culture both with men and women and is about as nautical as it gets.

Preppy style, what to wear, number 3:

The argyle sweater is predominantly seen in golf apparel, which is why it has become so ingrained in the prep culture. Since golf has long been a favorite pastime of preppies, Argyle has become a pattern fashionable amongst both men and women. The pattern itself can simply be characterized as being made up of diamonds or lozenges. Typically they will overlap in a motif which can add a sense of multiple dimensions and texture. In most cases, it is used as an overlay of intercrossing diagonal lines on solid diamonds. While you can find these patterns in solid blacks and grays and the most popular are the bright colors including blues, greens, and pinks.

Preppy style, what to wear, number 4:

Barbour wax jackets are extremely popular with Prep’s, and they have been for years. Most people choose between the Beaufort which was designed for shooting (hunting for all Americans) with an extra game pocket and the Bedale, which was made for horseback riding. To go over all the pros and cons of each model, will be worth an article on its own, especially considering the option of different waxes, cuts, aging, and submodels. However, I think the classic Beaufort in olive green will work for most men.