A preppy style guide part 3

This is a preppy style guide

A preppy style guide part 3

This guide is about prep clothing and preppy style. It is not exclusive to those who attend or are an alumnus of Ivy League schools and preparatory academies in the Northeast United States, it is for everybody interested in this (life)style.

The history of the preppy style, number 7:

Today, there are entire companies dedicated solely to creating preppy fashions for men and women.

The preppy style explained, number 1:

One relatively telltale sign of a prep is the sense of the style adopted by the average preppy. Almost like a school uniform, the culture has adopted a very nautical, clean-cut image synonymous with brands like Brooks Brothers, J.Crew, LL Bean, Ralph Lauren, and other various brands. Just as Christians go to Church, executives go to the boardroom and astronauts enjoy going to space. Preps will forever enjoy the breeze on the boardwalk, the gin and tonic in the backyard and soaking up the sun in the summer.

The preppy style explained, number 2:

Before you go assuming that preppy style followers are different from other subcultures, stop and think. As bikers wear leather and tattoos, rockers wear tight leather and band shirts, and cheerleaders wear pink, preps enjoy a certain style all their own. It defines them and gives them the ability to showcase the things they are passionate about, in unobtrusive ways but while being able to say “Hey, I am a prep and I am proud of it.” Taking inspiration from the Ivy League styles of the past and the nautical flair of many East Coast villages, preppy style has evolved but stayed much the same since the mid-eighties. They are more than just bow ties, boat shoes, and Madras. They are about passionately showcasing the styles of some of America’s most established and iconic haberdasheries.