How to combine and pair cufflinks guide part 2

A Men’s Guide to Cufflinks

How to combine and pair cufflinks guide part 2

Cufflinks for black tie and white tie events:

If you have a black tie invitation and you wear your tuxedo, you wear a white shirt, and you should usually go with either a gold and black inserts such as an abalone stone or dark mother of pearl. You can also go with onyx or hematite. Traditionally for white tie, you should wear either pearl studs or mother of pearl studs paired with matching mother of pearl cufflinks that are white gold or platinum on the outside. With a tuxedo you can go with gold or silver, it is up to you. Black is the number one choice, but you can also go with semi-precious or precious stones in contrasting colors.

Coordinate cufflinks with your socks:

Another great way to wear cufflinks is to coordinate them with your socks. If you have burgundy socks, you can go with a carnelian. If you have brown or blue socks, you can go with lapis lazuli or a tiger’s eye. If you have a pair of gray socks or charcoal socks, an onyx or hematite or abalone stone will work really well. Basically, pick up a color in the socks and pair it with your cufflinks. It makes for a cool look and it is coordinated, but it is subtle and stylish.

Match your cufflinks with your accessories, number 1:

Of course, you can also match your cufflinks with your tie and your pocket square. Just like with socks. You want to ideally pick one of the colors and incorporate it into your outfits. For example, if the overall color palette of your outfit is warm such as orange and green, choose gold because it is a warmer color. Silver is good with cooler colors such as blue or gray.