How to combine and pair cufflinks guide part 1

A Men’s Guide to Cufflinks

How to combine and pair cufflinks guide part 1

A lot of gentlemen are unsure what kind of cufflinks to wear with their outfit. Therefore in this guide, you can learn how to combine cufflinks in your clothing, so you look dashing while at the same time you also have fun incorporating this accessory to your wardrobe.

Wear contrasting cufflinks with solid colored shirts:

If you have a solid white shirt, maybe a solid silver cufflink is not the best choice because it blends in. You can go with a gold cufflinks so it is slightly more contrasting or you just get something bolder in color. Diamonds for day wear are not really recommended because they are strictly reserved for evening wear. Usually, it is a tacky thing to wear diamonds during the day, and it just shows that you do not have style but a lot of money.

Create contrast but keep it balanced with cufflinks:

If you have a striped shirt, you can try to combine the color with the stripe. If it is yellow, go with yellow. If it is orange, go with orange. Brown with brown and so on. With the striped shirt, you also want to create contrast and depending on what kind of stripe it is. If it is a very fine stripe, you may get away with a pair of solid cufflinks because there is enough of a contrast but it depends on the individual shirt. Whether you choose a fixed bar cufflink, a chain cufflink, or at-bar cufflink, ultimately, it does not matter. If you wear checked shirts, I suggest you keep it simple with your cufflinks and either go with a solid silver, solid gold, or solid rose gold, because checks are already busy and by adding another strong contrasting cufflink, it is just over the top. The goal is to create some contrast but to keep it balanced and harmonious.