Quilted jacket guide part 2

Quilted jacket guide part 2

No matter whether you are in the city running errands, or if you go fishing and hunting in the country, quilted jackets are nearly always appropriate.

History of the quilted jacket, number 4:

Since he was an Anglophile, he moved with his wife to England, where he started three businesses: First, Husky Ltd in Tostock, Suffolk (which later became Husky Inc.) produced thermal outerwear and the infamous quilted jackets that he even supplied to the British Royal family. Second, Husky Riding Center Ltd. just outside of London, which served as an indoor jumping center and lastly, a tackle shop. All of the Guylas businesses started with the name Husky. As a country, fishing and hunting enthusiast Guylas would go out with his husky dog for a walk and hence he chose the name.

History of the quilted jacket, number 5:

The first quilted garment Guylas designed was a waterproof, quilted vest made of polyester for shooting. It soon became popular with his club colleagues, and so he made a quilted jacket. Initially, they were only available in pale olive green and navy blue, but with increasing demand, the product portfolio grew as did the color palette for the jackets. Probably the most important factor in popularizing the jacket was the British Royal family. The Queen would wear a quilted husky jacket with a brown corduroy collar for riding, and soon celebrities in Britain and Europe followed. In the 1980s it also became a wardrobe staple of the Sloane Rangers in the UK and then swapped over to the US.

History of the quilted jacket, number 6:

In the 1980s Guylas moved back to the US and operated an English Antique business out of the Evergreen Plantation in Duncan, South Carolina together with his wife and son Steve Guylas Jr. In the 1990s he sold Husky to one Italian, who now produces the Husky jackets.