Quilted jacket guide part 1

Quilted jacket guide part 1

History of the quilted jacket, number 1:

Before I focus on the quilted jacket as we know it today, it is important to understand what quilting is and how it developed. Quilting refers to any run of stitching, either decoratively or just in a straight run, that combines at least two layers of cloth. Often, you will find a third padding layer or interlining between the fabric, which provides the popular, three-dimensional look on diamond quilted jackets. The term ‘’quilt’’ seems to have originated in England in the 12th century and derives from one Latin word, that means cushion or bolster.

History of the quilted jacket, number 2:

Although quilting became particularly popular in the 17th century, its roots go back to the middle ages. Interestingly, it was not just used in Europe, but also in India and the Far East. In the beginning, quilting was mostly used for bed covers but also for clothing that was supposed to be lightweight and insulating at the same time. Technically, the advantage of layering is the addition of trapped air that acts as an insulator; quilting also keeps insulating material such as down from moving around. Apart from that, it was also used under armor to make the metal suits more wearable. People who could not afford a suit of armor would often just wear the quilted undergarment.

History of the quilted jacket, number 3:

Considering the long-standing tradition of quilting, it seems surprising that the quilted jacket as we know it today was just invented in 1965 by Steve Guylas and his wife, Edna. Mr. Guylas was born in Pennsylvania and retired from the US Air Force in 1960 with an eye disease, and so he felt that the only thing left for him was to become a business owner.