Guide on what to wear as a wedding guest part 3

Guide on what to wear as a wedding guest part 3

Wedding dress codes, number 5: Outdoor weddings

In those casual settings, neckwear may be optional but again, ask your host. If you are at the beach wedding, things change dramatically. Maybe the couple does not even want you to wear shoes, maybe they want you to wear sandals, maybe they do not even want you to wear jackets and it is just a t-shirt and shorts, so you really have to figure out what that means.

Wedding dress codes, number 6:

Destination weddings have become much more popular in recent years, at the same time, it could also mean that they want you to show up in a tropical worsted suit or in seersucker. My tip would be to skip the vest for sure because it makes you feel warmer. Definitely, tuck in your shirt, it looks neater, maybe wear a belt with it and just goes along and try to communicate with others long before the event so you can be relaxed and really enjoy that big day of your friends or your loved ones.

Accessories if you are a wedding guest:

When it comes to accessories, apart from the tie, a pocket square is really fantastic because it elevates your outfit, it is very easy to fold, just takes a few seconds, and just underlines the event and its importance. Sometimes having a big boutonniere means that you want to skip the pocket square because otherwise, your outfit can be overloaded and again, you do not want to draw too much attention to yourself. The flower is simply there to underline the celebratory character of the event. When in doubt, always dress up a little bit but always communicate with the people that invited you because that will ensure you look great, you honor them, and everyone is going to be happy and they will remember this event and you very fondly.