Guide on what to wear as a wedding guest part 2

Guide on what to wear as a wedding guest part 2

Wedding guest etiquette, number 4:

It is never okay to wear sandals, shorts, or short sleeved shirts unless specifically requested or invited by the wedding couple.


Wedding dress codes, number 1:

If you get an invitation that does not stipulate a dress code, please reach out to your host and ask them what would make them feel comfortable or what they expect. Otherwise, you may be way overdressed or way underdressed which makes you uncomfortable or they look bad and that is something you definitely want to avoid.

Wedding dress codes, number 2: Black tie

The most formal one you can find today is probably a black tie. Most of the time you can see black tie optional. That means you can wear the black tie on some with the black bowtie. But if you do not have a tuxedo, you can wear something equivalent such as a dark suit.

Wedding dress codes, number 3: Cocktail attire

Another popular dress code for wedding is cocktail attire, it basically means you have a dark suit or suit has little sparkle or something special, a little more of a pop of color, a little louder than the business suit and you can wear a dress shirt, you can wear a tie, something that is still formal but just with a little more fun.

Wedding dress codes, number 4: Outdoor weddings

If your wedding is an outer event or in a garden setting and it is during the summer, you can wear lighter colors but the best thing is to ask your host to get an idea of what kind of dress they want and what kind of event it is. The more formal it is, the more likely you are to wear a suit and you do not want to show up in a seersucker suit if everyone around you is dressed in a very dark formal ensemble.