Proper pants break and length guide part 4

Khaki pants guide for men

Proper pants break and length guide part 4

In this guide, you can learn what pants break is, why it is so important to your overall appearance, how you can ensure to get exactly the pant break you want every single time and what you have to consider when you have your alterations tailor lengthen or shorten your hem.

The angled hem on pants, number 1:

One thing I’m personally really fond of is an angled hem. This is something you usually only find in bespoke garments especially when it is a cuffed angled hem. If you have a straight hem on a pair of pants and they are long and unfinished you can simply bring up the extra fabric create a cuff of your desire and you are done. When you angle a pair of pants with cuffs you actually have to create a faux cuff that is separately cut from something but it has the advantage that it is always long in the back and it probably can even touch almost the heel of your shoe but in the front it is cut higher so you get that slight break. It looks particularly elegant with a black tie or white tie outfit because you get that slight break but that long line in the back. Also, black tie and white tie trousers never have cuffs so it is very easy to do that.

The angled hem on pants, number 2:

Honestly, if you have uncuffed pants I would always suggest to have them slightly angled because you will always look more dapper and people will not know why. So having angled pant hems is definitely one of the little tricks of the trade. If your alterations tailor does not know how to do an angled hem with cuffs, you probably have to seek out the tailor or someone who is really experienced with custom clothing. Of course, you can only do that if you have a lot of extra width or an unfinished pair of pants.