Proper pants break and length guide part 3

Khaki pants guide for men

Proper pants break and length guide part 3

What is the right pant break for you? number 4

If you prefer uncuffed trousers you could talk to an alterations tailor and add little lead weights to the size of your pants that way you have the same effect as with a cuffed trouser and you can get a very neat look.

The width of the hem on pants, number 1:

The other element to consider when getting your pants hemmed is the actual circumference or the width of your hem. If you have very tight pants in the hem, you cannot have as much of a break as if you have full cut trousers in the 1930s style, because break means it touches the top of your shoe. Now with a tight pair of pants, they touch your shoe a lot earlier than with a wider cut pair of pants where they touch it at the bottom of your laces. So when you have pants hemmed, you can just give your alterations tailors five pairs and say “Just hem them all to 31 and a half inches,” because you also have to consider how wide they are. The wider the pants are, the longer you can hem them. The slimmer and tighter they are the shorter you have to hem them.

The width of the hem on pants, number 2:

If you have uncuffed trousers in a wide full cut style you have to cut them a little wider but keep in mind even with a full break you just want a nice dent in the front and none in the back. That being said do not rely on your alterations tailor’s judgment, because you can get pants that are way too long or too short for your taste, so you have to decide what you want and you have to own it.