Proper pants break and length guide part 1

Khaki pants guide for men

Proper pants break and length guide part 1

What pants break is, number 1:

The break is when the front of your pants or trousers hits your shoe and creates a little dent that is elegant and not too extreme. The best way to evaluate your break is when you stand still. The no break is when the hem of your pants just hang straight and does not even touch the shoe at all. The half break is if you see a slight dent in the front and the full break is if you have a noticeable dent in the front of the pants but none in the back. If you see pants that have dents in the front and in the back they are simply too long and it looks extremely sloppy.

What pants break is, number 2:

In my experience, a lot of men wear their pants too long which creates not just a break but an excessive sloppy fold. They look like they did not know what to tell their alterations tailor. On the other hand in Italy, you can see a lot of men with extremely short pants and obviously, it is subject to fashion. However, if you want to be classic in style and timeless moving between no break and a full break is exactly where you want to be.

Why you should you care about the break in your pants, number 1:

First of all, it really has an impact on the overall neatness of your outfit. If you wear a nice robe striped double-breasted suit and your pants are either too long or too short, it makes you look goofy or sloppy. If you are a tall man and you have very short pants, it exaggerates your height and you look even taller and sometimes like a clown.