Men’s scarf guide part 4

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Men’s scarf guide part 4

Scarves have been a staple in men’s clothing for more than two thousand years. Historically worn by some of our world’s most prolific leaders, the scarf, a profound piece of neckwear has graced our necks for as long or longer than neckties, bow ties, and cravats.

Types of scarves, number 5: the dress scarf

Not quite the formal scarf, or the daywear, the evening scarf is an elegant addition to any gentleman’s topcoat or overcoat. Made of cashmere, alpaca, or even merino wool, the evening scarf is the middle sibling in the elegant scarf trifecta. Reversible or not, it is a conservative, sometimes with checks, plaids or paisley prints.

Types of scarves, number 6: formal evening scarf

Often worn with a tuxedo or tailcoat, the formal scarf is a fringed rectangular scarf usually made of silk satin and in most cases, made in black, white or a combination thereof. They often feature hand-knotted fringes and unlike other scarves, are not wrapped, but draped over the back of the neck and sometimes thrown over the shoulder.

Types of scarves, number 7: fashion/summer scarf

Designed specifically for use as a fashionable accessory, these scarves are often made of linen, cotton, silk, seersucker or pashmina and are worn strictly as a fashion statement and not generally as a protective layer to resist wind, snow or cold. Often worn with both casual and business attire, they feature a wide range of prints or textures.

Types of scarves, number 8: elegant reversible scarf

The reversible scarf, also known by the British as a tubular scarf, bars none, one of the most elegant forms of neckwear for warmth. With two distinct patterns, woven together in harmony, reversible scarves are a gracefully elegant way of accessorizing your topcoat.

Scarf materials, number 1:

Scarves as a whole can be made of a wide variety of materials and fabrics. For men’s scarves, the following materials are the ones most commonly used in the construction of the rectangular scarf.