Groomsman attire guide part 5

Groomsman attire guide part 5

Groomsman etiquette, number 5:

Try to avoid something that could make them embarrassed or feel like they are not the center of attention because that’s their day. Always go a notch down, otherwise, keep it simple.

Groomsman etiquette, number 6:

If they do not say anything, wear a suit and communicate, that is really the best thing you can do. If they do not say anything and you cannot reach them, I would suggest going with a simple plain necktie nothing too bold something in silver or black, or a small subtle pattern. Not something in red or a bold color because it stands out too much. I would go with a white pocket square with a white dress shirt and maybe a boutonniere but you should ask them specifically if they want that because traditionally, at weddings, that is something at least the groom wears, maybe the father of the bride, maybe the father of the groom but sometimes, the entire wedding party. So that is definitely something you want to figure out because it can be considered off-putting to just wear a boutonniere when everyone else is not.

Groomsman etiquette, number 7:

Do not wear any extraordinary shoes that draw out too much attention. A black pair of cap toe oxfords is probably your best choice. Otherwise, definitely wear over the calf socks because no one would want to see your hairy calves at a wedding day which is usually quite formal so make sure you get over the calf socks that stay up all day even if you walk a lot.

Groomsman etiquette, number 8:

To sum it up, your best route is to simply reach out to the bride or the groom so you do not arrive over or underdressed. Keep in mind that by not going for a loud outfit, you are doing the bride and groom a huge favor. It is their day, they should be the center of attention and not steal the spotlight by showing up looking too flashy.