Groomsman attire guide part 3

What to wear as a groom

Groomsman attire guide part 3

Basically, there are just two scenarios. One is, you are the groomsman or two is, you are the bride or the groom and you think about what you want your groomsman to look like.

Bride and groom do’s and don’ts guide, number 5:

Another good item is a vest because it usually has deeper cut armholes so you do not have an issue with sleeve length and the only thing you have to worry about is the chest width and it is easy to get that right.

Bride and groom do’s and don’ts guide, number 6:

Do not wear colored shirts, especially the groom. Sometimes they are red, green, blue, turquoise, pink, purple, whatever the wedding theme color is. However, that is just over the top. If you want to add some color, maybe play with the pocket square or the boutonniere flowers otherwise, go with a white dress shirt, it is just formal and suits the event. Of course, it is your wedding at the end of the day but I promise you, you will look back at your wedding pictures in ten years from now and ask yourself “What on earth was I thinking when I picked those red shirts?”. Just look at the pictures from prom and see what people wore back then. It is probably not a time when you were really proud of what you’re wearing.

Bride and groom do’s and don’ts guide, number 7:

Do not make groomsmen wear matching sets. Maybe a bow tie or a tie or with a cummerbund or vest, maybe even a pocket square. That looks very cheesy and gaudy. So for a wedding, just get a tie may be in a pattern, maybe in a color that is okay, then a white shirt, white pocket square and maybe a boutonniere if you want and that is all you need.