Groomsman attire guide part 2

What to wear as a groom

Groomsman attire guide part 2

Bride and groom do’s and don’ts guide, number 3:

If you have time beforehand, you can take all your groomsman and go to a local barber where you can all get a wet shave and you can all enjoy the day together. It is a bonding experience, it is fun, and everyone is going to be cleanly shaven at the day. If budget is of no concern, either you or the groomsmen, or you take care of it, then you can invite them, for example, to have a custom suit made, maybe an online custom suit but just make it part of an experience and that way you can ensure everyone wears the things you like and it is something that they can also wear after the wedding so it is a good investment for them.

Bride and groom do’s and don’ts guide, number 4:

Do not wear rentals. Rentals are really popular for the wedding because if you want to wear a tuxedo, it seems very tempting to spend maybe just a $150, $200, or maybe just a $100 outfit that you otherwise would not wear again. However, usually, these suits are made of the cheapest materials. The goal is to have them dry cleaned very easily and be very hard to wear so they use nylon and polyester. Not only does it look very cheap but it also makes the wearers very hot because they sweat a lot and uncomfortable. Since they are not going to be comfortable, the pictures are not going to turn out as well and they look really terrible. Oftentimes, dated and the fit is usually off. Especially since not everybody has the same size so some people would have sleeves that are way too long, others have jackets that are way too long. It looks more like a clownish circus party than a well-dressed wedding party.