Groomsman attire guide part 1

What to wear as a groom

Groomsman attire guide part 1

Bride and groom do’s and don’ts guide, number 1:

Most of the time, the wedding couple will have some specific ideas about what they want. Do provide very specific advice, and suggestions, and demands to your groomsmen. Tell them “I want you to wear this, and I do not want you to wear that.” Because of that, they know exactly what to do and the chances that you are going to be happy with the way it turned out is going to be very high. Think about to what degree you want them to match each other. Are they all supposed to wear exactly the same tuxedo? Or are you may be okay with them just having the same bow tie, the same pocket square, or the same vest? For consistency, it can make sense to get the same accessories. Sometimes you can get, for example, a pocket square so everyone has a white one all the same or you can also give it to them as a grooms gift so it is like 2 in 1.

Bride and groom do’s and don’ts guide, number 2:

Do make sure the groom is slightly different from all the groomsmen in the sense that he is elevated. It is the day of the bride and groom, therefore, you want those two to stand out. The bride usually has this wonderful dress, she is beautiful. When as the groom, sometimes if he wears a tuxedo just like his groomsmen, can easily look the same. One way to do that is to have a pocket square in a different color or maybe a boutonniere in a different color. Let’s say, all the groomsmen wear something in white and the groom wears it in red. That clearly signals to everyone that this is the groom and it is just a better way. It is easy for people even from afar to see who he is and who he is not.