4 Sling Bags That Every Traveler Must Own

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If you’re a traveler, you also need a good bag to carry things. However, the biggest problem is that that you can’t just go around carrying around your travel bag.

Instead, you need something small and easy to carry around. In short, you need a sling bag.

However, the problem is it’s very hard to find a good quality sling bags and that’s why we decided to help you out and brought out this:

Collection of the best sling bags to buy in 2018

1. Patagonia Atom Sling Backpack

Perfectly designed and compact.

That’s how we would describe this wonderful bags from Patagonia atom and this is the only reason these bags stand at top of the list.

The sling bags are so versatile that you can use them as either a backpack or a carry all. Also, the strong and wide strap makes it extremely easy to carry. Another thing that delights me the most about this bag is that you can keep everything organized inside it. There’s even an extra zippered pocket for keeping cards, coins, napkins, and other valuables.

Another speciality of the sling bag is its highly durable polyester material which ensures that it lasts for years. There are also spacer mesh pads on shoulder strap and back to keep the bag safe from moisture and ventilation.

2. 5.11 Tactical Rush 10

Special designed for tactical purposes, this tough ranger pack is a perfect option if you’re an adventure junkie.

There is nothing you can’t do with the sling bag. You can use it for traveling, fishing, hunting, police operations, or even for a hiking trip. It will protect your belongings from physical damage or even rain.

Another good thing about the backpack is that it has multiple pockets to make sure everything is organized and well planned.

An ambidextrous padded shoulder trap, a non-scratching sunglass pocket, and a concealed back-up belt system are also present.

The sling bag is made of super-resistant nylon which ensure the rain doesn’t affect it. So, it’s a perfect deal to consider.

3. Outdoormaster packable

This sling bag perfectly complements its name because it’s perfectly suitable for all kinds of activities like travel, hiking, cycling, etc.

Another good thing about the sling bag is that you can simply fold and pack it away into its own zippered pocket. This means when you’re on main trip, you can keep it inside the main backpack and when you have to visit the city, you can use it to carry necessary items.

There’s also an exterior shoulder strap for keeping the smartphone and water bottle. The sling bag also has an anti-theft pocket to keep important belongings like passport and credit cards.

Another good thing about the sling bag is its 12-litre storage capacity which ensures that you can pack all the belongings you need in it while making sure it doesn’t put a pressure on your back. The bag is pretty lightweight and durable too.

4. Adidas Capital

Having a great design and a big space, Adidas is a wonderful bag for travelers. It’s pretty affordable too.

This versatile bag comes in two main compartments so that you can keep everything in space. You can even find a shoulder strap pocket and an internal zippered pocket to keep small things.

Another big advantage of the bag is its Loadspring shock-absorbing shoulder strap which ensures that you can carry all the belonging without putting a load on your shoulders. Pretty cool option if you also carry books and other heavy stuff.

So, now you have 4 awesome sling bags to choose from. Which one will you buy?