A Gentleman’s Guide To Wearing Blue Trousers

How to correctly Hem trousers

There are many people out there who love wearing blue trousers. The reason is simple. Blue is a wonderful color that can magically improve your looks.

This makes blue a wonderful choice to invest.

However, there’s a slight problem. People are just confused what to wear with them. Even I faced the same struggle in the beginning. It was after a lot of research and a few mistakes I was able to learn.

But I don’t want you to go through the same phase. That’s why I am here with this:

Help guide detailing what to wear with blue trousers

Let’s begin!

For casual occasions

It will be wise to mix your blue trousers with a dress that’s in contrast them like sky blue, white, or orange. This will give you a stylish vibe and make you look more attractive.

It will be even better if you layer them with a denim jacket, a textured jumper, or a sweatshirt.

Smart casual look

Want to go for more stylish yet relaxed look? Go for a light colored shirt and brown shoes. For better look, you can add accessories like goggles or smartwatches.

While you have to look great, you also have to make sure you don’t overdo things. You have to keep it simple and sophisticated.

Formal look

The best choice is for a blue trouser is a full-on navy suit. It will give you a brighter and warmer finish. You can also go with light colors like grey or beige. The quality of shoes play a great role in deciding your look.

You can match it with a tie. You can also choose a different colored blazer to elevate your looks.

Can I pair blue color trousers with grey?

Of course you can. In fact, this is the best combination that you can have with blue color. This is what you can do:

Go for a white shirt and grey trouser. Now, pair the entire look with a blue tie. You’ll rock.

Just make sure you choose a coat that contains patterns. This will make sure you don’t look like you’re wearing two halves of two different suits.

Another option: Wear multiple layers of blue and grey

Another way to pair blue color with grey color is to wear multiple layers of different colors. By layering we mean you can choose a blue colored vest with a dotted tie and put a grey blazer on top.

Consider this look for example:

You can even do a little modification by going for this look:

Which accessories should I wear with blue trousers?

Selecting proper accessories to wear with blue trousers is another big challenge which I am here to resolve today.

With blue trousers and light-colored, you can go for blue colored accessories like a blue hat or blue watch.

However, if you’re pairing blue color with a blue coat, it’s very important to create a contrast which selecting a watch. This will make sure you don’t look uniform. Although, you can wear a blue hat.

When it comes to shoes, never commit the mistakes of wearing blue shoes. Go with darker shades like black. Although, the socks can be blue.

A few more dressing tips:

  • It’s good to add a little contrast. But just make sure you don’t overdo things. Just keep it smart and simple.

  • Add complexity and interest to your dress up by introducing textures and patterns. The easiest way to do this is adding gray glen check tie in silk.

  • Try to include accessories that include blue color. This will make sure there’s enough shades of blue in your dress up. However, make sure you don’t go all blue.