7 Cool Designer Shirts That You Can Buy In 2018

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While most gentlemen love wearing plain shirt, there’s still a major group of people who have a fetish for designer shirts.

The reason is very simple. Designer shirts (also known as graphics shirts) are casual and vibrant. They can instantly make you look cool. Hence, they’re a must buy.

However, the biggest problem is that it’s not easy to decide which designer shirts you should buy and which you should.

So, we’re here with this list of:

7 best designer shirts that you can buy right now

Let’s have a look:

1. Fred Perry reissues tartan designer shirt

Looking for something cool to wear this Christmas? This is your perfect go to then.

Not only the shirt looks great, it’s also made of a good quality that will keep you warm. You should definitely invest in it.

2. Holland & Holland safari designer shirt

There are two reasons to buy this one. First, the dark green color is awesome. Just pair it with dark blue jeans and black leather shoes and you’ll rock.

Another reason to buy the shirt is that it’s made of pure wool. This means it will keep you warm and comfortable.

3. Aztech mountain lenado quilted designer shirt

This designer shirt is specially made to survive in tough environment conditions. It’s pretty stylish too.

The shirt has got everything you can desire in an ideal environment like a classic collar, a snap button closure, a chest pocket, long sleeves, elbow patches, a curved hem, and button chuffs. Also, the cloth of the shirt is warm and comfortable. You’ll definitely like it.

4. Versace baroque print designer shirt

This shirt is not for normal people but for the ones who try experimenting something different and out of the box.

What makes this shirt a real gem is its iconic design. The yellow and black cotton baroque print is definitely going to grab a lot of eyeballs. Moreover, the shirt will keep you warm in the cold winter weather.

So, isn’t it a cool option to consider?

Another this: Pair the shirt with light blue jeans. People will not be able to resist you. Follow it for once. It’s tried and tested.

5. Calvin Klein Jeans est. 1978 USA print designer shirt

This shirt will definitely fill your heart with the love for mother America. Why would it not? After all, the design is so perfect. You have got a star spangled flag on your chest with all a little window. Any proud American would fall for it. Yet another reason to buy it.

Apart from this, the shirt will keep you comfortable and warm. So, why don’t you invest in it? I am sure you would not regret your decision.

6. Ambush patchwork oversized designer shirt

The oversized shirt is for you if you’re tired of regular trends and want to try something funky and a little different. It has got all the funky features at one place like a V-neck, dropped shoulders, long sleeves, a check print, and a straight hem.

Also, it’s made of pure cotton material and will keep you warm and cozy. Another important this: The shirt is unisex. This means your girlfriend can also wear it if she comes your home for a sleepover or just give it as a gift to you.

7. Off White check designer shirt

Remember the big, bad, boxy flannel your dad used to wear on the weekend? Well this shirt isn’t one of those but an advanced version.

Some brilliant mind has done a great job on it. Not only it looks great but it will also keep your heated and protected.

So, which of these designer shirts are you going to buy? Comment.