Eyebrow grooming guide part 5

Eyebrow grooming guide

Eyebrow grooming guide part 5

Do’s and don’ts of eyebrow grooming, number 2:

Do restrain yourself while shaping your eyebrows. Less is definitely more because it is very difficult to get full brow hair to grow back. Just ask any woman who lived through the 1990s. Do not use any electric trimmer. That will either leave gaps or something that looks really unnatural and it is not at all the look you want.

Do’s and don’ts of eyebrow grooming, number 3:

Do not remove any hairs from above the eyebrow. The top edge of the brow always defines the shape and by removing here from the top, you flatten the shape and it looks worse. Do not worry about perfect symmetry between your left and your right eyebrow. Naturally, they are not the same and even after grooming, they will not look exactly the same. Rather than going for a clone on both sides, think of it more like siblings that look very similar but are not 100% identical. If you have a few hairs that are very long and you just try to get rid of them and you trim them nicely, it makes a huge difference and they look better.

Do’s and don’ts of eyebrow grooming, number 4:

Consider using a bit of leftover hair product on your eyebrows. Especially if it is a styling balm, it can help create a really advantageous look. If you have thick unruly eyebrow hair, you can also use just some specific product, just make sure it is not gluey and sticky because that looks unnatural. Also, try to stay away from any shiny products because it just draws too much attention to your eyebrows. While you should not spend as much time and detail on your eyebrows as women do, a little bit of maintenance goes a long way. You just need a little pair of scissors, a small tooth comb, and a pair of tweezers, and again, just like with clothes, it is all about the details.