Eyebrows grooming guide part 4

Eyebrow grooming guide

Eyebrows grooming guide part 4

Step by step eyebrow grooming, number 3: trim the length of the individual hairs

To do so, break each brow into two sections. The body, which is closest to the nose and a tail which is closest to your ears. For the body, use a fine-tooth comb and comb the hair upwards and towards the center of your face. Start by matching the angle of the comb to the angle of your eyebrow and then slightly tilt it upwards towards the center of your face. By doing that, you get a little more variation in the length of the hair trim which is better looking because it is more natural similar to feathering when you get your hair cut. It also helps to maintain a shorter inside length and a longer outside length. Make sure to trim off the hair at that angle but then comb it back down to see the results. Repeat until all the hairs on this side are trimmed and then you move over to the other brow. This way, you can always compare what the final result should look like while you are still working on it.

Do’s and don’ts of eyebrow grooming, number 1:

Do not ever use a razor to groom your eyebrows. It looks terrible because it is very difficult to get the right shape and what can happen to you is that you can get too far down on one side then you have to reduce it on the other side, so you can get even further down on this side and so you have to repeat it on this side, and ultimately, you can end up with very small and unnatural looking eyebrows that are just odd. No matter if you use an electric razor or a wet shaver or a double edge razor, it is too risky and even if you get it right, you can still see that hair was shaved rather than pulled out which just looks bad.