Eyebrow grooming guide part 3

Eyebrow grooming guide

Eyebrow grooming guide part 3

Step by step eyebrow grooming, number 1: determine the shape of your brows

So first, hold your comb vertically over the center of your nostril which determines the length of the inside brow. Of course, you do this on both sides. Some men argue that it looks better to have the brows aligned with the outside of your nostrils. Personally, I think the center of the nostril is better because especially if you have a bigger nose, the center will create a more harmonious look whereas if you have shorter brows on the inside, it will just make your nose look even bigger which is not advantageous. Align the outside of your nostril with the corner of your eye and where the comb meets the brow, that is where the brow should end. Align the outside of the nostril with the outside of the iris and where the comb intersects with your brow is where the high point or the peak point of the shape of your eyebrow should be.

Step by step eyebrow grooming, number 2:

You can keep holding your comb into three different positions just so you make sure you do not forget the shape and you get exactly what you want and something that is consistent on the left brow as well as on the right brow. So with the tweezers, first pull the hair in between my brows, then pull the hair underneath the arch as well as a tail which is the outside edge of the brows. When you use tweezers, you want to grip the hair firmly and then pull in the direction of the hair growth, not too fast, otherwise, you may risk breaking the hair off. Also, avoid pulling it against the growth direction because it may break as well.