Eyebrow grooming guide part 1

Eyebrow grooming guide

Eyebrows grooming guide part 1

Why you should groom your eyebrows, number 1:

Basically, it gives your face definition, shape and it enhances the look of it. Overgrown eyebrows definitely have the potential to distract from your face as well as your eyes and leave a negative connotation when people look at you. Even though we do not think about it much, it really stands out. Think about the guy with a unibrow or the guy with really overgrown eyebrows, it is just a very bad look.

Why you should groom your eyebrows, number 2:

Most women groom their eyebrows diligently and they usually have very extreme shapes that are really defined and they pay a lot of attention to them. For men, that is over the top and the goal is to have some definition but overall, a natural looking shape. That means the lines around your brows should not be sharp. Also, you should avoid extreme shapes or angles because that draws attention to your brows. Overall, eyebrow grooming is as important as other grooming aspects such as your hair, your beard, or your shave, and you can easily combine it, let’s say, with nose hair trimming.

Where to get your eyebrows groomed, number 1: The Barbershop

First of all, you can do it so at the barbershop while you get your haircut especially if you trust them and they know what you like. Depending on where you go, it can cost anywhere from five to ten dollars. Going to the barber is a nice and good approach for men who have full brows and they just need a little trim, meaning just shorten hairs. It is also good for men that can just keep the existing brow shape in place without having to make any modifications or any changes.