Boat shoes guide part 3

Boat shoes guide

Boat shoes guide part 3

Boat shoe styles, number 3:

For those less concerned with the traditional look, boat shoes are available in an array of colors and pattern combinations which allow you to wear whatever suits your style best.

When and how to wear boat shoes, number 1:

There are no hard and fast rules, just simple guidelines. As usual, it is best to go with what you find most suitable and comfortable for yourself. Obviously, boat shoes are best avoided during the winter unless you live in a hot tropical climate. They are best paired with slim, clean-lined jeans, khakis, slacks or shorts. In the summer, seersucker, madras or Nantucket reds work particularly well with boat shoes. Some people like to roll up their denim to draw the focus on the shoes. Dark or white denim go very well with boat shoes, especially when combined with a polo shirt or an Oxford cloth button-down shirt in solid colors or vivid stripes.

When and how to wear boat shoes, number 2:

Boat shoes are casual, and I would not wear them with a suit, blazer or sports coat, but that does not mean you cannot wear them that way if you enjoy the look.

When and how to wear boat shoes, number 3:

A few years ago, most boat shoes were only available in neutral colors such as navy blue, brown, gray, beige or black. As a classic rule of thumb, boat shoes should never be lighter in color than your pants or shorts. In recent years, even classic manufacturers have begun to offer a plethora of vividly-colored shoes in ruby red, royal blue, grass green, orange, yellow… and sometimes even a combination thereof. Some boat shoes even come in three colors for a trendier look, and since all rules are made to be broken, go right ahead and wear something bright if you can pull it off.