The corduroy guide part 3

The corduroy guide

The corduroy guide part 3

Often considered the poor man’s substitute for velvet, corduroy is actually a very wonderful fabric that is made from cotton which is woven to lie parallel to each other, so it forms individual cords that almost appear to be separate and attached. Soft and yet durable, it is a variation of velvet that is easy to maintain and clean and still keeps its shape relatively well.

Corduroy today, number 2:

Since velvet is almost exclusively made of cotton or cotton blends and not silk anymore, corduroy can no longer be considered to be inferior to velvet and so it is not a surprise to see that men sometimes prefer if over velvet. Corduroy has no doubt set itself apart as its own, unique textile for the modern gentleman.

Corduroy items, number 1:

A unique about corduroy is that it tends to trend and go in and out of style in short bursts. Somehow, it never dies though, and just remains comatose for a brief time before re-emerging. While corduroy upholstery on furniture was popular, it is rare to find a sofa these days that is not pre-owned in someone’s basement or a grandparent’s living room and covered with plastic. However, classic staples such as hunting jackets remain a popular decade after decade because they keep you warm and last.

Corduroy items, number 2:

If your goal is to build a classic and timeless wardrobe, Corduroy is an excellent addition for pants, jackets, vests, and suits. A pair of pants should be a part of every modern gentleman’s fall-winter wardrobe, with the suit being the next upgrade once you have your basic suit needs covered. If you are into the outdoors, you definitely want to look into hunting jackets. Because of its stiffness, corduroy works better off the rack than other garments, however, if you want the proper fit, there is no way around bespoke.