Quality hallmarks of men’s underwear

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Quality hallmarks of men’s underwear

Quality hallmarks, number 1: Comfort

Comfort is crucial when it comes to underwear because we wear it all day, every day. As such, the material has a huge impact on the comfort level but that aside, the cut, the pouch and the quality and positioning of the seams make a tremendous difference. Generally, women’s underwear seems to be more advanced because women usually want thin underwear that does not show through their pants. To reduce the number of seams, 360 degree knitted underwear has been introduced to the women’s underwear market but due to the pouch needed for men, they have not been present in the men’s underwear market. However, you will find that luxury men’s underwear brands now offer back knitted or cut thigh openings that do not unravel. Traditionally, you needed a seam for it not to unravel, but new advancements in knitting technology now allow for smooth leg openings. Overall, it will be interesting to see what innovation the men’s underwear industry will produce in the next few years.

Quality hallmarks, number 2: Longevity

If you look at underwear as an investment, you can break it down to cost per wear. A cheaper, all-cotton pair of underwear will fade and shrink.  On the other hand, a pair of luxury underwear will require a larger upfront investment, but it will feel softer and make you feel more comfortable. If you have a decent rotation, it will be easy to wear these for years to come, and your per wear cost will only be slightly more than if you would wear a cheap pair. Quality underwear pays off in the long run. It is not necessary for every pair of underwear in your closet to be the best. Choose your activity and then the pair of underwear that suits it best.