Men’s underwear guide part 8

Men’s underwear guide part 8

Underwear materials, number 4: MicroModal

MicroModal is a trademarked fiber from Lenzing, which is made in Austria and based on rayon extracted from beechwood. Modal is twice as soft as cotton. So, how does one determine softness on a scale you may wonder? It is done by machine and hence reliable. To get even softer, Lenzing created a microfiber version of Modal, which is called MicroModal and it is three times as soft as cotton. Therefore, it is very popular in the underwear industry, and whenever you touch a piece of underwear that is very soft, chances are it is modal. Good things about MicroModal: it is shrink resistant, unlikely to fade, 3 times as soft as cotton and it is very breathable. Bad things about MicroModal: it is prone to pilling and it is less strong than cotton when wet and as strong as cotton when dry.

Underwear materials, number 5: MicroModal Air

MicroModal Air is finest available material in terms of the thinness, breathability, and softness that you can find today. The fiber diameter is even thinner than MicroModal, which results in this floaty material. It is softer than MicroModal, and softer than silk, at the same time it is much more breathable than silk and moisture wicking. It retains its color and shape despite repeated laundering and hence it should be the top choice of material if you are in the market for high-end luxurious underwear.

Underwear materials, number 6: Tencel

Another popular underwear material from Lenzing is Tencel. It is very similar to Modal in the sense that it is soft and derived from wood. Unlike Modal, it is a lyocell fiber and as such a greener, even more, sustainable fiber and although not as soft as Modal it is stronger than Modal and cotton.