Men’s underwear guide part 7

Men’s underwear guide part 7

Underwear materials, number 2: Cotton

At the end of the day, what matters when it comes to cotton is the staple length. An extra long staple cotton can be spun finer in the yarn, and thus, it will feel softer on your skin. It will last longer and look better but in order to get that, you will have to spend more. One way to create a softer material is to use a thinner yarn, another is to use a very short staple yarn that is fuzzy like flannel. While the latter feels soft at first, it will start to pill very quickly because the cheap, short staple cotton fibers are easier to loosen and therefore prone to doing that. Even if cotton is labeled as 100% cotton, it may not always be 100%. Legally, even a 97% cotton composition can be declared as a 100% but for underwear, it is desirable to have elastic fibers blended because the final product to provide more comfort. As such, it is not unusual to see blends of 92% cotton with 8% Lycra, etc. You should look for 90% + cotton blends because they are usually the best, and of course the better the cotton, the softer and more comfortable your underwear will be. Good things about cotton: it is a natural material, absorbent and breathable and it is easy to launder. Bad things about cotton: it is prone to shrink, color does not always hold and it is not overly soft.

Underwear materials, number 3: Microfiber

A finer fiber results in a softer feel, and microfiber is the finest of all fibers. It is manmade from polyester, polyimide or rayon and used for everything from eyeglass cleaning cloths to household items to doormats and underwear. For underwear one particularly popular item is MicroModal, the Microfiber version of Modal.