The Perfect Shirt Checklist Part Six

9 Essential Items For A Minimalistic Wardrobe

The Perfect Shirt Checklist Part Six

Checklist Item Number Three- Style ( part 2 )

Buttons- Mother of Pearl buttons are used by high-quality shirt makers and are made from the inner layer of pearl oysters. They are thin, tough and have more depth of color than plastic buttons – which are much more common, come in a variety of colors and are found of the majority of dress shirts. If you’re going for a casual shirt, you can introduce contrasting buttons and contrasting button stitching to make your outfit pop.

Pockets- Men’s dress shirts come with or without a breast pocket. The rules of formality state that a shirt with a pocket is less formal that one without. Some casual shirts utilize the breast pocket as a style feature and Linen summer shirts often come with breast pockets (these are great for hanging your sunglasses from). My advice – if you’re not going to use it, go without. Remember that shirts with breast pockets are unsuitable for the most formal events.

Pleats- There are three types of pleat on this checklist, and they are all very important – box, side and none.

  • Box Pleat – the most common type of pleat, which creates a rectangular fold of fabric that runs down the middle of the back.
  • Side Pleat – the side pleats are located on the extremes of the back of the shirt, near the shoulder blades. Side pleats are more formal and stylish than the box pleat.
  • None – the most stylish and formal option and my favored look because it’s the cleanest.

Monograms- Monograms are embroidered initials, traditionally found discreetly under the belt line but now often found on the shirt cuff. Some guys love them, some think they’re a bit too much. This one is a matter of personal taste.