The Perfect Shirt Checklist Part Five

9 Essential Items For A Minimalistic Wardrobe

The Perfect Shirt Checklist Part Five

Checklist Item Number Three- Style

Shirt Collar- The collar is one of the most important parts of the shirt because it frames your face and it is one of the most important items on this checklist. Men’s dress shirts come with a number of collar styles; I’m going to list the most common below.

  • The Point Collar – the most traditional collar style and designed to be worn with a tie. The Point Collar points do not meet up with your jacket’s lapel. This collar works perfectly smaller tie knots.
  • The Button-Down – a causal variant of the Point Collar. The buttons make the collar slightly less formal.
  • The Spread Collar –  the collar spreads away from the face and the pointy end where they meet the jacket. This collar is great when you’re not wearing a tie or you need to allow room for a bigger tie knot like the Full Windsor. A spread collar has the visual effect of widening your face while a point collar can make your face look longer. Whatever collar you choose, make sure your shirt collar can accommodate metal collar stays. These slide in the underside of your collar and help maintain its structure through the day.


  • Standard/barrel cuff – the default for most men’s dress shirts and available in one-button or two-button style. Two-button is a great way of adding a little “je ne sais quoi” to your shirt. It looks bespoke, even if it’s off the rack.
  • French cuffs – a more formal cuff which is great for the office or to wear out to dinner. French cuffs are twice as long as the standard cuff but fold back over on themselves and are secured by a cufflink.