The Perfect Shirt Checklist Part Three

9 Essential Items For A Minimalistic Wardrobe

The Perfect Shirt Checklist Part Three

We are still on the fit because it is the most important item on this checklist and the latest of these three parts of shirt fit.

Checklist Item Number One: Fit( part three )

  • Sleeve Width- Off the rack, men’s dress shirts come with a sleeve width which varies according to the shirt fit. Traditional fits come with wider sleeves and slim fit shirts sleeves are more tapered. Your sleeves should fit comfortably when you flex your arm (you don’t want to see your muscles bulging through the fabric) but shouldn’t be loose enough to flap and billow. If you have had your shirt torso tailored, you need to make sure you’re having any excess fabric on the arms tailored too in order to keep everything in proportion.

  • Shirt Length- Keeping your shirt tucked in is one of the biggest bug-bearers for men. If your shirt is too short, it will continually pop out and it’ll drive you crazy. Raise your arms above your head and test this. If it pops out – you may want a longer shirt. For this reason, you should always go for longer shirts. No one will see the additional length because you’ll have it tucked in.

  • Shirt Cuffs- Your cuff size should be between 1.5 and 1.75 inches larger than the measurement of your wrist. A good rule of thumb is you should have to unbutton your cuffs in order to take your shirt off. If you can slip your hands out of your sleeves without doing this – your cuffs are too loose. Take care if you wear a wrist watch, you may want to have the buttons adjusted 1/2 – 1 inch on that sleeve to allow your sleeve to slide over your watch. That is is, for the first item of this checklist.