The Perfect Shirt Checklist Part Two

9 Essential Items For A Minimalistic Wardrobe

The Perfect Shirt Checklist Part Two

Ok, we are talking about the fit. Next fit is also very important on this checklist.

Checklist Item Number One- Fit ( Part two )

  • Torso Fit- Always dress for your body type. A larger guy is needs 2.5 – 3.5 inches of extra fabric around his torso to make movement comfortable whereas a smaller guy needs less excess material. If you can see your shirt fabric straining around the buttons – pay particular attention to the chest area and lower buttons – your shirt is too tight. If your shirts sag and billow at the sides, and bunches up under the arms – it’s too baggy.
  • Arm Holes- The arm holes of your shirt are often overlooked. Higher armholes give you a wider range of movement and many men find them less restrictive. Lower armholes allow more air to circulate inside the shirt but don’t offer this extra freedom of movement. If you notice an abundance of fabric hanging under your arm, your arm holes are too big. This is one part of the shirt you can’t have altered so if you find your arm holes aren’t working for you, you need to go for a tailored shirt.
  • Sleeve Length- Your shirt cuffs should not ride up your forearm when you raise your arms over your head or out to the sides. You should not be able to see your wrists when your arms are down by your sides. If this is happening, you need a longer sleeve length. Ideally, your sleeves should reach the base of your thumb. You should be able to see 1/2 inch of the sleeve when wearing a jacket or blazer. If your sleeves are too long, your shirt fabric will bunch at the cuff when your arms are down by your sides and your sleeves will extend over your thumb and on to your hand.