The Perfect Shirt Checklist Part One

9 Essential Items For A Minimalistic Wardrobe

The Perfect Shirt Checklist Part One

The right shirt can make you look like million bucks, but the wrong shirt it is a waste of money. That is why you should see this checklist.

Checklist item number ONE: Fit

The first item on this checklist is fit, and the fit is everything.

A dress shirt should be comfortable and should fit without restricting movement. If your shirt doesn’t fit you, either get it adjusted or get rid of it. Off the rack, men’s dress shirts are available in a range of standard sizes like slim, athletic, traditional and a full fit. The one you choose depends on your preference and body shape. If you’re a bigger guy, you may want to go for a traditional fit because it will complement your shape and if you’re a smaller guy, a slim fit shirt will keep you from looking like you’ve borrowed someone else’s shirt or recently lost weight. Whichever you go for, make sure your shirt doesn’t have excess material which bunches around the belt line. This look is unflattering and you’ll find yourself trying to tuck it back in throughout the day.

  • Collar Fit-You should be able to comfortably button your shirt up all the way up to the top. When it’s buttoned, you should be able to get 1-2 fingers between your neck and your shirt collar. If your collar is too tight, you’re going to be uncomfortable all day long and if it’s too loose, your collar will sag around your neck and behind your necktie.

  • Shoulder Fit- The shoulder seams on your shirt should reach to the edge of your shoulders. If they end before your shoulders (you may see the shoulder seam ride up towards your neck), you need to go up a shirt size. If they overhang and slide down your arm, it’s time to get rid of that shirt and get a smaller fit.