Sleeve length guide part 3

Tips For Wearing A Short Sleeved Shirts

Sleeve length guide part 3

Tips for correct sleeve length, number 7: Matching the amount of cuff to the shirt collar

I prefer to show about 0.5 inches(1.25cm) or a little more because I believe it looks best when the amount of shirt cuff visible matches the amount of shirt collar that is visible in the back of the neck. Again it is all about proportions and creating harmony in an outfit.

Tips for correct sleeve length, number 8:

No matter whether you decide to show some shirt cuff or not, it is important that the jacket sleeve harmonizes with the shirt sleeve. Older jackets sometimes have a very wide sleeve hem that even shows the sleeve lining. That is simply too big and it makes your hands appear small and disproportional. Therefore pay attention to the balance between shirt cuff width and jacket cuff width.

Tips for correct sleeve length, number 9: Shirt-jacket harmony

Because the balance of both the shirt and jacket sleeve can only be perfect if they work together, you have to pay attention to both when you buy a garment. For the best results, I suggest to get the fit of the shirt cuff right and to choose or tailor the jacket sleeve width accordingly.

Tips for correct sleeve length, number 10:

Button cuffs are narrower than French cuffs because they wrap around your wrist. Consequently, the ideal jacket sleeve width alters with the chosen cuff. Traditionally, button cuffs became the standard for sportscoats and casual garments, and French cuffs were worn with more proper town suits. Therefore, it was rather easy to match them to each other. Today, men can wear anything they want and consequently either the sleeves seem way too wide, or the wide double cuff catches on the inside of the narrow sleeve. When you choose your shirt and suit or jacket combination in the future, you may want to consider this aspect as well.