Sleeve length guide part 2

Tips For Wearing A Short Sleeved Shirts

Sleeve length guide part 2

In menswear, one of the most discussed topics is the correct sleeve length of shirts and jackets.

Tips for correct sleeve length, number 4: Shirt cuff must not be too wide otherwise it slides down

If your shirt cuff is so wide that you can slide your hand through with the cufflinks in it, you will likely have the problem that your cuff slides onto your hand. Not only does that look like you got a shirt from your older brother, but it also results in unsightly wrinkles. The other problem you might experience is that the shirt cuff is wider than the jacket sleeve, causing it to catch the sleeve.

Tips for correct sleeve length, number 5: Shirt cuff should not be too narrow

If your shirt cuff is too tight and narrow, it may throw off the proportion to the shirt sleeve, and you almost look like a child because it throws off proper proportions and while things are relatively straightforward with shirt sleeves, length seems to be a little bit more complicated with coat sleeves.

Tips for correct sleeve length, number 6: To show cuff or not?

Today, it seems like quite a few menswear guides claim that the proper jacket sleeve length should be chosen so that it is between 1/2 inch (1.25 cm). In fact, many photographs and fashion illustrations from the US and continental Europe display men showing some cuff but it varies from picture to picture. Throughout menswear history, many men wore their coat sleeves short enough to show some cuff, but there were also other dapper gentlemen who chose to do the opposite. As such, any “rule” about the matter should not be regarded as an absolute, but much rather as a guideline for men who are in the process of learning about classic men’s clothing.