The eyeglasses guide part 5

Men’s Frames Guide: Which Type of Glasses Look Best on Your Face?

The eyeglasses guide part 5

Different styles of eyeglasses, number 3:

Round metal glasses have long been the choice for counter-culture, resistance and youth-culture movements, and now they are reentering the mainstream. Favored by Steve Jobs, Mahatma Gandhi, John Lennon, and even Harry Potter, they are a bold statement by someone who feels they fall just outside of the mainstream. Today, they can be found in true round shapes to softened round shapes that are a little less aggressive.

Different styles of eyeglasses, number 4:

Unlike round metal frames, round plastic frames with a keyhole bridge are the epitome of classic men’s mainstream eyewear. These frames help add maturity to youthful faces, but unlike browline frames, they also work well for seasoned gentlemen. Overall, this look is ageless, intelligent, and thoughtful. Of course, the material is not the best.

Different styles of eyeglasses, number 5:

Rectangular frames can make a variety of statements. Long, thin frames are simple and pedestrian, while thick rectangles in dark shades can make a bold statement for men of all ages. They are just as fresh and attractive now as they were in the 1960s. This style is particularly good for adding youthfulness to mature faces, especially in bold color choices such as clear, blue, or tortoiseshell. They give the impression of confidence, competence, and a touch of edginess to an otherwise classic frame.

An idea for an outfit with interesting eyeglasses:

You can choose a vintage light orange jacket and a light green shirt, a silk tie that has a houndstooth pattern in pearl gray and cufflinks that are golden colored, silk pocket square that is a burnt orange with the various shades of brown. Trousers can be plain brown, socks can be green with zig-zag pattern and for the shoes, you can go with tan derbies that have full broguing.