Top Fashionable Male Celebs

Bradley Cooper’s Chocolate Brown Appearance

Top Fashionable Male Celebs

Fashion and celebrities have a big influence on the audience and masses. Their life is a rollercoaster with the events of red carpets, premieres and hiding away from paparazzi and yet they always maintain their looks and style.  Here are some of the top male celebs who are always rocking their style no matter what!

Bradley Cooper

He is the sexiest man in Hollywood as per People Magazine published back in 2011. Cooper still got it and has a totally versatile and trendy look!


Ryan Gosling


The most famous Canadian actor and a dream guy for lots of female fans, Gosling is one celebrity who knows what exactly the sense of style is.


Johnny Depp


The American actor and the famous Captain Jack Sparrow is very casual with his looks but is ranked as one of the top best dressed male celebs. He knows how to fit and match the accessories with his attire.


Ryan Reynolds


Another Canadian actor makes his way to the top of the best-dressed male celeb. Ryan Reynolds knows how to dress and slay the looks. He is still known for his Hugo Boss campaign and as the Deadpool across the world.


Adam Levine

Maroon 5 lead vocalist, Adam loves to roll in leather jackets and Rock’n’Roll outfits. It goes with the personality and truly makes him look like a superstar.


Jake Gyllenhaal


Jake is a man who is always dressed nicely even when he gets caught by the paparazzi.


Chris Hemsworth

Our Australian action hero Thor knows how to rock when it comes to male fashion. He has a very laid back style when it comes to red carpets and he pulls them off perfectly in a well-fitted suit.


Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams takes risks with his style but still slay it every single time.


Zac Efron

The teenage idol Zac Efron, he is the perfect boyfriend with the perfect body and style.


Victor Cruz

American Football player of the New York Giants isn’t only a good player but also a very well-dressed superstar when it comes to fashion weeks, red carpet events.


Harry Styles


Our most favorite One Direction band member Harry Styles is also known as a well-styled singer in the fashion industry. Harry knows how to combine different styles and know how to make a statement.


Zyan Malik

Zayn is the former band member of the British boy’s band is also a familiar face in the world of fashion industry. He showed up at the Louise Vuitton show in the perfect outfit, also whenever is off the camera he always looks chic and classy.


David Beckham

We can never forget about David Beckham while talking about the top icons in the world of fashion. His style and sense of fashion is a true fashion icon. He has recently launched another collection with H&M. He knows how to make a fashion statement.