Everything You Need To Know About Men’s Suits

Suit Up Like James Bond 007!

Everything You Need To Know About Men’s Suits

Choosing the perfect fit can be a challenge but worth the effort to avoid discomfort in our look while wearing a suit. There are some of the things that you must look out for while going for the perfect fit.


The Shoulders:

The pads on the shoulder should lie flat and should not protrude beyond your shoulders. The seam of the shoulders should meet the seam of the sleeves so the jacket is not dangling down and remains hiked up.


The Jacket Length:

The jacket should fall comfortably in a straight line with the edges draping over the top of the curve. They shouldn’t flare from the back or sag. When you hang your arms straight down, you should be able to cup your fingers under the sides of your jackets.


The Sleeves Length:

The sleeves should not fall lower than the base of the thumb. It should show half an inch of your shirt beyond the cuff of the jacket.


The Closure:

The jacket should fit around the stomach but shouldn’t be too tight. You should have a fist’s room between your jacket and yourself.


The Trouser Break:

This is a point where your trouser should touch your shoe. The cuff should rest on the top of the shoe but shouldn’t go beyond that. Too long trousers look sloppy.


Choosing A Suit


Choosing a perfectly fitted suit can make a man feel absolutely comfortable and confident. There is no denial in the fact that a suit can make you feel like a minefield of potential faux pas- if the fit goes wrong you will look completely unflattering and end up looking like a disaster. The accessories and the patterns also play an essential role in the personality building. If the suit fitting goes wrong, the accessories and shoes won’t matter too.  Make sure you get an expert opinion or assistance if you are planning to buy a new suit and want to upgrade your wardrobe. The suit game must always be on point!


General Suit Etiquette


Here are some basic things that you shouldn’t forget when you are wearing a suit:


Don’t button the bottom button of the suit jacket.

Button the top button of your shirt if you are wearing a tie.

Make sure you unbutton your suit while sitting down.

Wool suits are great for winter and cotton/linen suits are best for summers.

Always ensure that the socks are long enough to cover the legs when sitting down.

For casual occasions, a suit can be worn without a tie.