Essential Shirt Style Every Man Must Have

How to find the perfect summer shirt

Essential Shirt Style Every Man Must Have

You’re invited to a party and the dress code is casual. It isn’t professional and is all about food, drinks, and fun. What will you wear? You know that you will wear a shirt, but which one will rock your style? And will it make you look outstanding amongst the rest of the crowd? Here are your answers.



These below mentioned shirt styles should be in your closet- no matter what!



These types of shirts are taken for granted. They are mostly used for function- the tight fitting on body absorbs perspiration and reduces stains of sweat on the outer layer. In the past, undershirts were worn by the soldiers of ancient Rome and China. They weren’t the same as the ones worn now because they were baggier but also protected the outer layer of their expensive uniforms.



If you don’t feel like wearing collars, T-shirts are the best option. T-shirts are outerwear and aren’t usually layered. You can wear them in many outdoor events, especially in the summer season. Jeans and tees are the perfect go-to combo. With T-shirts, you have more freedom to slay your style.


Polo Shirt

We never knew that Rene Lacoste had worn at the 1926 U.S. Open tournament – a customized tennis outfit would be so much popular today?  We thank Ralph Lauren for making the classic polo t-shirts during the 70s. People love the quality of the polo shirts with its soft collar and placket and buttons.



If you want to upgrade your style and maintain a casual look then choose Henley. They are an actually collarless version of a polo shirt. The plackets are 2-3 inches longer and have 1-5 buttons along the neckline. Usually, they are V-neck with long sleeves but short sleeve henleys are also preferred. The benefit of wearing a henley is same as of polo but without ca ollar.


Dress Shirt

A proper and formal dressing is, of course, incomplete without a dress shirt. It is the layering of a suit or jacket along with the cuffs and collar- make your appearance elegant and classic. The formal shirts must be dressed properly and should be structured and ironed in a perfect way. White is the most iconic color for dress shirts, however, light colored and pastel shirts can also be worn as per the occasion or season. The look of plain shirts is always on point, however, if chosen wisely, the patterned shirts such as stripes and checks also look good if they suit your personality. Moreover, the major challenge for choosing the dress shirt is that it should be tailored to fit your body type, only then it will make its impact, otherwise, poor fitting dress shirts ruin the look of your entire attire.