Ties: The Prominent Accessory in Men’s Dressing!


Lounge suit guideTies: The Prominent Accessory in Men’s Dressing!

Ties are one of those accessories that always have been a part of fashion, no matter what people always love to wear ties over a three-piece or a two-piece suits. Ties come in a variety of types like the ascot tie, tie, bolo tie, zipper tie, cravat, knit tie, and clasp on a tie. Ties, if not chosen perfectly can bring a terrible touch in your dressing just like a wrong fitted jacket. So, it is better to choose your ties wisely before heading out. Ties like cutting edge bowtie, ascot, and necktie are somewhat dropped from the cravat. In many societies, men and young men take ties as an important part of office wear and formal wear. Ties can be a part of a uniform like for a military, school, and wait-staff, while can be worn as everyday apparel clothing. Sometimes, people wear bowties with a shirt button up and the tie hitch is placed between the neckline focuses. Ties can put a great compliment on your suit and keep your looks beyond your imagination.


Ties’ patterns can change. As the styling changes with time, similarly, the hues also change. You have many things in your closet, but before choosing from a pile of ties placed in your drawer, you should be concerned about shading. It depends, on the one around, to wear a tie that is much darker with the color of shirt you are wearing and combining with your tie. But you can make certain other choices as well before making a final decision. If you want your looks to be more demanding, you can choose a dim dark, maroon, or blue tie, and for calm looks, gray and other lighter shades can go right with your mood.

Ties in Different Occasions

Not a single type of tie can be tightened in every occasion, varieties are available. Before you finalize your dress, scrutinize in your mind about the type of event you are going in, this will be a promising note to your attire. Every occasion has a different idea, so offers you different ties to wear. In official and formal gatherings like office meetup, select a tie with a dark shade and pair it up with the best white outfit. For a regular office going, you can wear a deigned or printed tie.

There are many ways in which you can wear ties and it comes according to the different shades of ties. You can wear a single tie in different styles putting a unique look on your dressing every time.