Your Guideline to Whole-Cut Shoes and Balmoral Oxford Shoes!

Whole-cut shoes or Balmoral Oxford shoes

Your Guideline to Whole-Cut Shoes and Balmoral Oxford Shoes!


The first thing people notice in your personality is your shoes. And this statement is quite true. Before reaching your other pieces of attire, people judge you by your shoes. They create a whole account of who you are and what you are just by looking at your feet. If shoes can do such wonders to your character, why not you put a little more effort to choose nice looking shoes? Otherwise, people are good at judging others and those shoes in your feet might be a matter of disregard for yourself.

Talking specifically about the dress shoes, two of the most important dress shoes are whole cut shoes and Balmoral oxford shoes. A question might pop up to which of the two is more formal. Well, both of them are taken as a formal one with different elegancies. See for yourself.

1.    Whole-Cut Shoes

Simplicity is the true beauty and whole cut shoes are what simplicity is all about. They are one of the simplest shoes with respect to their overall cut and design. The whole cut shoes are being very popular among the men since almost forever. But what makes it stand out from the other shoes is that it is made up of one large piece of leather. It really requires hard work for making such shoes so as to collect a high-quality leather that is sophisticated from its appearance. Because of the processes involved in making the leather unstained and of good quality, the manufacturers must pay really much, which in turn increases the cost of the shoes. the whole cut shoes are prepared with keeping one word in mind i.e. simplicity.

2.    Balmoral Oxford Shoes

You can’t resist Balmoral oxford shoes, it is maybe because of the shoes’ capped toe that it is dressier than whole cut shoes, and since Balmoral oxford shoes run from tradition, they occupy another place. History reveals that Balmoral oxford shoes had been liked by every other man, they loved to dress up with especially the black Balmoral oxford shoes for many years. Polish your Balmoral oxford shoes nicely and carry on with the back tie. Balmoral oxford shoes also are the best option with a dark-colored business suit. As you have read the whole about the both whole-cut and Balmoral oxford shoes, what would you prefer? Of course, Balmoral oxford shoes are dressier. Both are elegant in their own place but from a traditional point of view, Balmoral oxford shoes win the race as wearing these shoes was like heritage to people for hundreds of years being the reason why Balmoral oxford shoes stand at the first position.