Difference Between Many Types of Chinos!

Different Kinds of Chinos

Difference Between Many Types of Chinos!

We aren’t going to write words and words on the versatility of chinos because everybody already knows that chinos are always the best option when you are bored with your all-the-time denim or jean look. The best thing chinos can give you is their variety. From casual, smart casual to formal wear, you can pull chinos in almost every event.

Don’t misunderstand chinos’ versatility as to buy only one pair and use it in every kind of event. There are different kinds available and each one is suitable for entirely different settings. So, before you put surety on your thinking that every chino is the same, we are here to guide you with different kinds of chinos.

Different Types of Chinos

There are three major groups of chinos.

1.    Casual Pair

The first sense you will get by wearing the casual pair of chinos is somewhat a relaxing feeling and touch and you will eventually differentiate it with any usual pair, that is the reason this pair is suitable for casual wearing. The next thing you will observe that the stitching is quite different in the outer and inner region of the layering of legs and is easily visible. They are cheap as because of the material used in their preparation having low on the hips, and soft and casual appearance.

Casual chinos can look great with casual items like classic oxford shirt or casual t-shirts, bold printed or patterned shirts, hoodies etc. Make sure you don’t pick a formal shirt, tie, or blazer, otherwise you will be wasted.

2.    Workwear Pair

Workwear chinos are made from a thick material that can be sensed by touching with cutting and fitting much different than a casual pair. Chinos are different from trousers in that they give relaxing vibes while trousers are fitted and straight.

Of course, workwear chinos go right with other workwear items like denim shirts, jackets, or chambray shirts or checks etc. Keep in mind not to wear completely formal article with this pair, although polo shirts can look nice with this pair.

3.    Smart/Dress Pair

Yes, these chinos are really smart by their appearance and different from trousers as the stitching in the outer and inner region of the seam of legs is different, but it is not visible. These chinos give you a much sharper look.

This pair is highly recommended by us as it can go with many items like casual shirts, polos, and crew neck jumpers etc. It can be worn down but not too much.

Chinos, though, are really expensive, but if you shop wisely with correct colors and pairing items, then chinos could be long-lasting.